Ava Smith in “Ava-Garde” by Markus Jans for Tush Magazine

Ava Smith gets our attention in ‘Ava-Garde’ by Markus Jans for Tush Magazine’s The Eclectic Issue Summer 2013. The trailblazing qualities of this powerful publication guarantees we are always in for a exciting ride. While everyone else has been going the way of Neo-Punk this Summer, leave it to these creative monsters to embrace the hard core avant-garde. No veil of interpretation here, it’s only after investing endless amount of time interpreting pieces that you come to appreciate art for art’s sake. Divine works dedicated to the sole purpose of sparking a reaction, the visceral intentions of this kind of conceptual series is as much about sentient intensity as it is intellectual analysis. And while there’s no doubt the depth is here, the multi-layered components in this editorial give the tactile rich textures a uniquely physical quality. As I feel the penetrating stares of Ava Smith daring me to ruin the experience by thinking too much, I realize it’s a question of matter over mind. When a master puts his muse in the hands of true innovators the outcome can be other-worldly. And in the story Ava-Garde the team of Andrew Gallimore/Giovanni Di Stefano have taken the idea of Eclectic Beauty to a whole new level. Fashion fraught with a frenetic mix of the past and future, this tale of creative couture mixes notes of noir with tones of turn of the century for a masterpiece of madness we won’t soon forget. All in the name of high art, Jans does his duty well by upsetting the balance of things with extreme imagery that shakes up the senses and wakes up the soul. Essential in our pursuit for enlightenment is our ability to overcome our instinct to control. Dark, twisted, tame & sweet, this delectable combination deserves our praise and appreciation.

smith-avo-6Ava Smith by Markus Jans (Ava-Garde - Tush #32 Summer 2013) 2Ava Smith by Markus Jans (Ava-Garde - Tush #32 Summer 2013) 5Ava Smith by Markus Jans (Ava-Garde - Tush #32 Summer 2013) 3smith-avo-7Ava Smith by Markus Jans (Ava-Garde - Tush #32 Summer 2013) 4 ava smith-avo-9 Ava Smith by Markus Jans (Ava-Garde - Tush #32 Summer 2013) 8ava-smith-by-markus-jans-for-tush-magazine-summer-2013