Bojana Tosic & Marko Martinovicin ‘New Romantics’ by Marijana Gligic for FAAR UK

Androgyny takes an artful turn in the ‘New Romantics’ by Marijana Gligic for the March/August 2013 FAAR Magazine (Special UK Issue). Bojana Tosic and Marko Martinovicin star in a tale of two concepts, when the festively floral meets the aggressively avant-garde for a powerful piece of fashion theatrics. An inspired work of modern art, Marijana mixes the fluid feel of water colors with the bold punch of graphics for an optical experience unlike we’ve ever seen. Turning the idea of traditional on it’s head, (stylist) Ivan Dzolic introduces a new kind of cross-genre styling that doesn’t just redefine gender lines, it destroys them. With brutally cool makeup by Irena Miletic and hyper-modern hair by Jovana Velickovic a new vision of modern beauty is born. By denouncing the very notion of masculine and feminine our capacity for creativity is doubled. And while I know it’s tempting to tag this eye-popping editorial with the “Punk” label, I’m going to suggest we take it in another direction and keep this design description under the Progressive Pop-Art umbrella. By throwing every experimental style under the same (punk) banner we risk diluting the original intent of the movement. It’s OK to explore alternative options without always reverting to the same reference points. One distinguishing factors between commercial mediocrity and creative excellence is the ability to articulate a unique point of view. Source (fashionising).










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