Vogue Italia

Straight off a 1950’s film set and into the June 2013 issue of Vogue Italia, Chloe Hayward is a retro-dream in this divinely inspired pictorial by Ellen von Unwerth. Achingly original the Unwerth way is all about bringing the beauty of nostalgia to life. Moving beyond the typical retro reminiscing, Hayward delivers an authentic imitation of one of history’s most powerful female archetypes, the Bombshell Beauty. Defined by their killer curves, these amazing women were known to be able to exert and almost other-worldly power over the opposite sex, with their wonderfully wicked feminine wiles. With the vintage styling of Karl Plewka and man-eating makeup & hair by Cathyanne MacAllister/Seb Bascle (respectively), we are transported back in time, allowing us to experience the era on another level.

chloe-it-2 chloe-it-3 chloe-it-4 chloe-it-5 chloe-it-6 chloe-it-7 chloe-it-8Chloe-Hayward-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Italia-June-2013