‘Happening’ by Txema Yeste for 10 Magazine, Summer 2013

It’s all ‘Happening’ in Txema Yeste’s enticing editorial for the 2013 Summer issue of 10 Magazine. Anti-static style is the name of the game in this fabulously, frenetic editorial that is sure to satisfy your insatiable need for high fashion speed. From the black/white studio chic, to the exotic urban feel of the sexy street scenes, this fast paced filmic style is all about capturing bodies in motion. Dynamic images coming together to tell one common story, Yeste’s bold use of surroundings makes this layout feel more like a fashion block-buster than a sleeper Summer hit. Each image set-up like a still out of a film, (stylist) Hector Castro keeps the drama going with a modern mix of luxe looks, including exotic hot weather leather unlike we’ve ever seen. No longer bound by the outdated dictates that state certain fabrics are off-limits during certain months, in this provocative piece we are starting to see the seeds of fluidity blossom – whereby genders, genres, seasons & styles will become utterly interchangeable. Starring Athena Wilson, Marike Le Roux, Giedre Kiaulenaite, Katya Riabinkina, Lisa Verberght, Athena Wilson & Eleonora Baumann. The palpable performances in this piece plays to a new era of motion-ready images that represent the future of fashion photography.

Txema Yeste 10 Magazine featureTxema Yeste 10 Magazine -13lisa-verberght-giedre-kiaulenaite-katia-athena-wilson-marike-le-roux-eleonora-baumann-by-txema-yeste-for-10-magazine-no-47-summer-2013-9Txema Yeste 10 Magazine 05Txema Yeste 10 Magazine 07txema yeste 10 magazine happeningTxema Yeste 10 Magazine 014 Txema Yeste 10 Magazine 001Txema Yeste 10 magazine 2Txema Yeste 10 magazine 10Txema-Yeste-20130509-06a Txema-Yeste-20130509-10Txema Yeste 10 Magazine 08 Txema-Yeste-20130509-12 Txema Yeste Lenses Lisa, Giedre and Katia, Athena, Marike and Eleonora For 10 Magazine #47 Summer 2013Txema-Yeste-20130509-04aTxema Yeste for 10 Magazine 03 Txema Yeste 10 Magazine 03 Txema-Yeste-20130509-03atxema yeste 10 magazine happening 01