Jamie Bochert & Marie Piovesan in ‘Traumschön’ by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Germany

Karl Lagerfeld celebrates the somber side of modern art in ‘Traumschön’ for the July 2013 issue of Vogue Germany. Jamie Bochert & Marie Piovesan play the mournful widows in this period inspired piece honoring some of histories most influential works of art. A powerful source of inspiration, the lilting beauty that accompanies the many stages of suffering can provide a unique opportunity to expand the creative process. And for some of us, using the Art of Fashion as a platform to explore the deeper issues of society and human nature is the end goal. What I find so beautiful about the idea of Melancholy is it’s inherent truth value. A man known for espousing brutal truths at every turn, this series evokes the same sense of rigid starkness that has come to set Karl Lagerfeld apart from his contemporaries. And while his style is most definitely and acquired taste, what I appreciate about his artistic approach is it’s consistency. Never one to capitulate to please popular culture, his erudite way is what drives him to achieve perfection, in much the same way it did his predecessor, Coco Chanel. When I look at his interpretation of “Whistler’s Mother” below, I can’t help but imagine the gleefully, gloved hands of Coco clapping in excited praise. Moving beyond modeling, the expert acting of Bochert & Piovesan gives the pictures a more portraiture feel, with emotive qualities that mirror the smokey effect of the story – Bravo.

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