Kremi Otashliyska in ‘Bowrey Girl’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro #144

Kremi Otashliyska creates a counter-culture stir in ‘Bowrey Girl’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro #144. While the road from Chaos to Couture can be a bumpy one, I postulate that the power of punk comes from it’s ability to project a sense of uptapped potential. All things are possible when what you’re looking at comes with no predetermining factors. The ultimate equalizer, when the objects we encounter are deconstructed down to their purest form, they become nothing more that a series of shapes & sizes interacting in ways that allow us to imagine almost anything. A paper clip isn’t a office object anymore, in the hands of a true trail-blazer it becomes an Objet d’fashion-art. And while that may seem like an overused an cliched anecdote, the reality is that those who have the ability to see beyond what society places on them are our greatest creative resources. In this season’s new “Punk Movement” we are seeing shades of higher art coming into the picture in the form of exciting ensembles, like these by (stylist) Bill Mullen, where haute-couture is layered like so many pieces of street clothes. Nothing is treated too precious, and it’s in that appearance of easy access that the real roots of Punk can come out. It’s a fine line between authentic and artificial, but with the goth inspired garnish beauty of Mariel Barrera & the untamed hair of Ward Stegerhoek this editorial celebrates the independent spirit of alternative style, without playing up the pretty.

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KREMI OTASHLIYSKA BY GREG KADEL FOR NUMÉRO #144 JUNE-JULY 2013IMG_6979bowery-girl4 bowery-girl11