Joanna Tatarka, Marta Dyks And Leona Binx Walton ‘Mad Fur It’ by Jeff Bark for Dazed & Confused

In the high art of coiffed couture, beauty takes a trip down memory lane in ‘Mad Fur It’ by Jeff Bark for the July 2013 issue of Dazed & Confused. A rapturous return to the daring days of glam-rock, Joanna Tatarka, Marta Dyks and Leona Binx Walton remind us what it looks like to Live Out Loud, with styles that look like they were taken straight off the streets of London Town. While I’ve been reluctant to put every alternative editorial in the “Punk-Inspired” category, some connections are just too obvious to ignore. An ode to the sub-culture of style, Shingo Shibata’s stunning renditions steal the show, with haute-hair art that replicates one of histories most famed Mohawks, the “Liberty Spikes.” The eloquence of anarchy, this aerodynamic do stands in salute to a generation that made the multi-colored masterpiece so popular. An extension of the 80’s British Punk movement, from a strictly artistic perspective, the intensity of these walking works of art were only outweighed by the power of the passion they represented. A testament to the ideology of individualism, the original intent of these unique designs were to send a message of truth & acceptance. Countering the culture of (commercial) contamination, the neo-punk movement of today is a tribute to that very philosophy. I’ve long felt we’ve been standing on the precipice of change. Will we continue to go down the path of mediocrity, where the output of sub-standard styles are dictated by a celebrity driven society? Or, will we return to a time of authenticity and originality? A call to arms, (stylist) Robbie Spencer creates a brilliant street scene theme, with overt imagery perfectly in line with the tenants of defiant expressionism. Preparing us for battle, Bark is telling us it’s time to take back the industry from those who have hijacked the heart from the art of fashion. We don’t have to accept the radicalized redundancy that exists in our current community. We can rebel against the forces that exist to keep up down.