Pulp Magazine

Alice Glass leads the crowd in a series of fierce female covers for Pulp Magazine’s #7 The Freedom Issue, Shot by Arkan Zakharov. Meghan Collison, Alice Glass, Thi Tuyet Lan and Aimee Mullins have all defied being defined by society and are out in the world writing their own set of rules. Far from the typical fashion fare these women deliver a diverse picture of modern beauty, having all overcome serious obstacles to pursue their dreams. In a season laced with Punk inspired imagery it only seems fitting that one of music’s strongest voices, Alice Glass from the Crystal Castles, would represent on the ‘Break Free’ cover stories. Provocative and powerful, she exemplifies everything the original movement stood for and illustrates the great divide that exists today between celebrity driven commercialism and authentically inspired creativity. A celebration of freedom, Pulp Magazine stands as a publication that openly preaches the sanctity of artistic integrity.




meghan-collison-alice-glass-aimee-mullins-thi-tuyet-lan-for-pulp-magazine-no-7-spring-2013-covers-2 (1)

meghan-collison-alice-glass-aimee-mullins-thi-tuyet-lan-for-pulp-magazine-no-7-spring-2013-covers-3 (1)

meghan-collison-alice-glass-aimee-mullins-thi-tuyet-lan-for-pulp-magazine-no-7-spring-2013-covers-4 (1)