Natural Beauty Book

Art and nature collide in James Houston’s highly conceptual book, ‘Natural Beauty,’ in partnership with MILK Studios and in support of Global Green USA. A collaboration of the highest order, here, a group of like-minded people gather their resources for a stunning work of environmental altruism. Combining his love of nature & the human form, Houston creates a series of exquisite interchanges allowing the elements of beauty and nature to interact in new and innovative ways. And with prolific artists like Karim Rahman to help him uncover his vision, the process of experimentation becomes one of divine expression. A fundamental shift in attitude, by first identifying that which is precious to us we can begin to understand it’s value in our lives. So much of personal awareness comes down to acknowledging what we take for granted. Asking us to take a pause and really see the natural splendor that surrounds us everyday, this compelling series shows us that all things are linked, making our connection to nature abundantly clear. By creating a portal for the imagination, we are able to travel in our mind to a place of real reflection, inspiring a true awakening of the collective soul. Welcome to the new age of peaceful protest. Using progressive works of performance art to send a message of change, these exciting images push us beyond our limits forcing us to see the world in a whole new way.

natural beauty featureKarlie-Kloss-Natural-Beauty-by-James-Houston (1) natural-beauty-by-james-houston-18natural beauty irinkanatural-beauty-by-james-houston-4natural-beauty-by-james-houston-1natural-beauty-by-james-houstonnatural-beauty-by-james-houston-2natural beauty james houston booknatural-beauty-by-james-houston-17natural-beauty-by-james-houston-15 natural-beauty-by-james-houston-9 (1)natural-beauty-by-james-houston-7natural-beauty-by-james-houston-5 natural beauty coco rocha 1natural beauty coco rochanatural-beauty-by-james-houston-8 natural-beauty-by-james-houston-11 natural-beauty-by-james-houston-10natural beauty anais-pouliotnatural beauty edgar-anido-christina-doolingnatural beauty emmanatural beauty eniko-mihaliknatural-beauty-by-james-houston-14natual-beauty