Saskia de Brauw & Ashleigh Good in ‘Grosse Freiheit’ by Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue Germany July 2013

Saskia de Brauw & Ashleigh Good enjoy the Great Freedom that comes with exploring new fashion trends in ‘Grosse Freiheit’ by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Germany. Employing the same elements that make Chanel so spectacular, Lagerfeld brings a new brand of bold black & white into the mix with show-stopping styles sure to make you shutter. Combining the unlikely pairing of Warhol’s 60’s Mod with Judas Priest’s 80’s Rock, this sailor inspired look is all about playful precision. Just on the edge of being caricature, the over-sized accessories and hyper-crisp shapes might make some of the ensembles appear too much, but it’s just this kind of drama that keeps the Coco/Karl combo so exciting. And with the hand of stylist Christiane Arp to lead the way, each shot looks like a still from an international film set. Artfully rendered and beautifully captured, Lagerfeld’s use of the natural surroundings offers definitive proof of the popping power of black & white. Set against the muted tones of aged architecture one really starts to see the cool, crispness of these styles come alive. Casual black has never looked so beautiful, and with Tatsu Yamanaka’s modern makeup to match the smokey-shine brings in a perfect sense of balance. Not relying on the obvious chemistry the exists between black/white, this fabulous fashion spread dares to redefine the whole concept with unbearably cool combinations of stripes and solids that will have you rethinking how to approach your everyday chic.

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