‘Forward’ by Greg Harris for Interview Germany July 2013

Playing a faction of high fashion characters Elisabeth Erm, Josephine Le Tutour, Kremi Otashliyska, Nouk Torsing & Tess Hellfeuer go sci-fi in ‘Forward’ by Greg Harris for Interview Germany. Fighting to reach the summit of tomorrow, Harris’ highly conceptual take on the future of fashion depicts the mind as it siphons through the station of static stimuli. An amalgamation of extremes, (stylist) Julia von Boehm gathers a group of diverse designs so uniquely disconnected the message is clear, as we take on more information the quirky combination of influences with only lead to an intensity of eclectic expression. Overexposed and I like it. What was once edited, organized, compartmentalized and controlled is now a swirling mass of chaotic content all fighting for our attention. We are in a flood of sorts. The more we fight against it, the greater chance we have to drown. It’s the anarchy of intake. Even the most resourceful among us can’t control the influx of excessive influences. In the world of creative expression all things are equal, however, in this era of abundance we must learn to become masters of what moves us.  A daring mix of art and fashion, Harris harnesses the elements of abstract art to perfection forming a haunting depiction of digital overdrive.

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