Anja Rubik in ‘Medusa the Gorgone’ by Richard Bush for Vogue Russia July 2013

Borrowing from modern mythology, Anja Rubik is phenomenally fierce in ‘Medusa the Gorgane’ by Richard Bush for the Vogue Russia July 2013 cover-story. Bush brings this complex creature to life with an interpretation that dares to depict the many sides of Gorgane Medusa. Best recognized by her head of live snakes and by her ability to turn living creatures to stone, she has gone through a series of aesthetic amalgamations over the centuries with the most recent being her rise as a figure of female rage and power (think Versace). Sarah Richardson celebrates the splendor of today’s woman with a symphony of eclectic styles that span the last few decades in an effort to build a new symbol of strength and empowerment. With trends that take from the artful architectural of the 80’s to the mindful minimalism of and today (and all point in-between), this creative collaboration paints a picture of androgyny that’s less about a sexual statement than an incorporation of inspiration and enlightenment. And with her other-worldly ability to seemingly morph in front of our eyes, Rubik in the role of Modern Medusa is ripe with the kind of subtlety and nuance that can make a real impact. An ancient icon that remains one of the most popular enduring figures in Greek Mythology, by using his platform of fashion art, Bush sends a message of empowerment showing us that bold beauty is something to be revered and respected not feared and reviled,

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