Elena Bartels by Benny Horne for Vogue Turkey

Engaging in a little bondage inspired post-modernism, Elena Bartels is part lady part futuristic sex-queen in Benny Horne’s erotically charged editorial for the July 2013 issue of Vogue Turkey. Playing up this season’s penchant for all things graphically enhanced, Horne gets his geometric on in a game I like to call, enviro-styling. By echoing elements of the architecture, these images appear as if they are a natural extension of the surroundings, with the linear aspects of the minimalist styles celebrating the primal power of the female form. Playing with angles, Bartels becomes part of the art as she stands inside an industrial sculpture, slowly erupting into a series of bends, twists, shapes and curves. A fusion of fashion and fantasy. In this ultimate mixing of hard & soft (stylist) Katie Mossman builds a sinuous masterpiece of juxtaposition, with this season’s soft silhouettes rubbing up against the long, lean sheen of the Latex bodysuit. And by adding a dimension of dynamic distortion to the mix this exciting series ensures a new sense of perspective and unpredictability is born.   Source (visual optimism).

V_TURKEY.EB.2Elena Bartels by Benny Horne for Vogue TurkeyV_TURKEY.EB.5 (1) V_TURKEY.EB.3 V_TURKEY.EB.4 (1) V_TURKEY.EB.1 (2)V_TURKEY.EB.8 (1)V_TURKEY.EB.6