Elisabeth Erm in ‘Liza’ By Sanchez & Mongiello For Numéro #145 August 2013

Elisabeth Erm embodies an icon in ‘Liza’ by Sanchez & Mongiello for Numéro #145 August 2013. Becoming Sally Bowles, Erm plays the colorful and complex character made famous by Liza Minnelli in 1972 film, Cabaret. A feisty piece of fashion magic, by exuding the same combination of brash-zeal & sex-appeal, this artful rendition is an apropos addition to the Exotic Issue. Taking on the task of recreating one of the most highly impersonated figures in history, Sanchez & Mongiello aren’t just imitating a star they are honoring an Icon. Bringing the spirit of Bob Fosse to life, Samuel François gathers an intoxicating mix of Jazz-Age inspired styles dedicated Fosse’s love of drama and dance. A beauty revival of the highest order, (makeup artist) Rie Omoto’s remarkable rendition captures the character’s unique blend of glamour and androgyny, while Romina Manetti’s modern bob stays true to the original hair with heart-felt passion. Balancing the bravado of Bowles with the lostness of Liza, Erm delivers a passionate portrayal of a decadent diva lost in the shadows of a showgirl.

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