Kate Moss in ‘The Face’ By Mario Testino For Allure August 2013

The Art of being an Icon. Kate Moss is ‘The Face’ of a generation and beyond in this compelling cover-story by Mario Testino for Allure Magazine. In an effort to capture the enigmatic beauty of the Great Kate, a mix of creative masters have come together in a collaboration befitting a high fashion queen. As much a mystery today as ever, what makes this amazing creature still so fascinating is her never-ending ability to keep us guessing. Speaking about herself as a “blank canvas,” it’s this chameleon quality that allows her to connect with photographers on a more artistic level. Unwilling to change any part of herself, she stands as a stunning example of originality and authenticity. Utterly undefinable, her beauty is something we can’t quite explain and will never fully understand, it’s what makes her a true Style Icon. Unlike that of a celebrity, this role can’t be replaced it can only ever be copied.  Some entities exist to move us deeply, they emit an energy so powerful their soul purpose seems to be to inspire artistry and provoke passion. It’s what a muse is made of.  And that is why great minds like Testino know the best way to film this kind of force of nature is to let her run free. From the effervescent beauty of (makeup artist) Tom Pecheux to the stunning staging of (Creative Director) Paul Cavaco, all seemed to be fueled by the same philosophy – an Icon is never to be covered or corralled – she is only to be coveted. In that I mean, these innovative artists understand that the true beauty of Kate Moss comes from inside, to do anything but enhance that other-worldly perfection, would be a crime.   Source (visual optimism).

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