Nadja Bender in ‘The Real Thing’ by Horst Diekgerdes for Muse Magazine #34

Nadja Bender is ‘The Real Thing’ in Horst Diekgerdes edgy editorial for the Summer 2013 issue of Muse Magazine #34. Exploding on the page in a series of retro-eclectic styles so spectacular you can feel the heat radiating through her, Bender delivers the definitive Summer story with sexiness to spare. As a self-described artistic snob, I find myself passing on a number of bouncy, beach scenes this time of year because they often feel like they don’t live up to my high standards. However, in an effort to fuse fashion and art, Muse continues their mission to redefine the concept of cool, with exciting new works that dare to answer the question, can a “Fun in the Sun” fashion story be both deep and real? As with everything else in the world of creative expression it’s all about presentation. Beauty without depth is nothing more than an empty promise. So, whether it’s high-end couture or cut-offs and crop tops, I like my fashion art delivered with incite/innovation. Proving my point, Beth Fenton’s brutally cool mix of satire and style keeps the concept fresh by her expert blending of retro enticing references and hyper-modern designs. Each shot telling a story within a story, the piece brings with it a unique sense of balance and continuity. Catapulting us forward, with exciting works like these we are well on our way to leaving behind the empty froth of the past in favor of something all-together more fulfilling.

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