‘Street Story’ by Hans Feurer for Antidote Magazine S/S 2013

In what I will hence forth be referring to as the epic editorial event, ‘Street Story,’ is a multi-volume series created by prolific photographer, Hans Feurer, for the 2013 S/S issue of Antidote Magazine. In an attempt to manage it into bite-size morsels, I’m going to take on this fabulous, fashion feast one delicious piece at a time. Starting with the neon-narrative (Creative Director) Yann Weber uses bold fabrics as a kind of stylish flag, meant to fly in the face of apathy and intolerance. Creating walking works of urban art, Feurer’s graffiti style has him descending on a chosen site with artful intentions to express underlying messages of social and political change. Using the art of fashion to incite & inspire, his ability to translate high-end style into powerful cultural statements is nothing less than heroic. As a writer, I understand that my words can elevate an image, giving it context and meaning – but it is and always will be true – that 1 powerful picture is worth a 1000 words. We are visual animals, we see first with our hearts and follow with our heads. It’s a matter of identifying the order of things so we can break through the mediocrity and get to the meaningful. A magazine known for it’s innovative approach to pop-culture, this bi-annual publication is quite literally a “book” after my own heart. Built on the assertion that Art can best be enjoyed when the ideology behind the creative intent is understood and appreciated, the passion that drives Antidote seems very much in line with The FashionCOW Philosophy.

Monika Jagaciak6, Valerija Kelava, Jourdan Dunn, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Daphne Groeneveld, Hana Jiricko

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Street Style


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