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Yumi Lambert is Dressed in Time in ‘Watch Me Get Festive’ By Antonin Guidicci for the August 2013 issue of Vogue Japan. Flirting with fashion, Guidicci gives us Great Gatsby era glamour in a period inspired piece that captures the decadence & desire of this sartorially significant decade. Opulence in overdrive, Satoshi Hirota tops off the 20’s in style with an exquisite mix of modern millinery that ranges from an elaborately crafted double-decker chapeau to a flurry of feathered headpieces. Bringing the beauty of the Jazz-Age forward, (makeup artist) Yuki recreates the look of the times with shiny red lips & smokey purple eyes, sending the same head-turning statement of the past. And with the subtle shades of amber and amethyst lighting up the locks, (hairstylist) Tomihiro Kono shows us a stunning example of how The New Color Revolution enhances the vision rather than overtaking the look.  To learn more about the “hats of Gatsby” read, From the Top, a great piece featuring Milliner Rosie Boyland.

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