Vogue Italia

It’s all in a name, Amanda Murphy goes to the ‘Next Level’ in this architecturally inspired coverstory by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. Following last month’s “Revolutionary” 25th anniversary cover, Murphy gives a stellar encore performance in the August 2013 ‘Perfect Pieces’ issue. Accompanied by models; Julie Nobis, Alana Bunte and Chiharu Okunugi, this forray into Fall shows us the shape of things to come, with a luscious mix of layered looks all working together in perfect harmony. High notes of haute couture mixed with melodic tones of hyper-modern makeup, (Fashion Editor) Marie-Amélie Sauvé composes a symphony of structure & style all backed-up by the bold beauty of Pat McGrath. The New Geometrics, Meisel celebrates the future of fashion with avant-garde designs created to echo the innovative shapes of the amazing architecture.

Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-002Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-07Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-02Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-05Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-14Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-13 Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-08Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-10Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-03 Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-04 Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-06 Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-09 Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-11 Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-12 Next-Level-Steven-Meisel-Vogue-Italia-15next level coverstory by steven meisel for vogue italia