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eniko mihalik allure russia & Jean Shrimpton vintage harpers bazaar covers

The second coming of Shrimpton, Eniko Mihalik channels the iconic Jean Shrimpton in the editorial homage ‘It’s Fantastic’ by Walter Chin for the August 2013 issue of Allure Russia. The standard by which all art is measured is how it stands up against the test of time. A brutal judge, something that was once considered cutting-edge can be rendered outdated & irrelevant by simply the tick of the clock. And no industry is more ruthless in this regard than the ADD world of High Fashion. To that end, the powerful tomes that publish these great works become something of, the gate-keepers of trends. As each generation sets out to make their own mark on pop-culture, it’s always interesting to see how much influence eras gone by still have over the trajectory of today’s styles. As we look at the amazing works of Richard Avedon & Walter Chin lined up against one another, we bear witness to the past playing a part in the future. A testimony to the immensity of talent exhibited in the original imagery. Taking a perfect moment in time and making it your own can be a risky proposition, but when done with a balance of reverence and respect the results can be remarkable. Borrowing from the same concept that made the first picture such a standout, Makky expands on the other-worldly elements of beauty, making this a modern makeup masterpiece worthy of the Avendon association.

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