Patricia Van Der Vliet in ‘Vertigo in Her Eyes’ by Lacey For Vogue Japan September 2013

Patricia Van Der Vliet plays the perfect Hitchcock blonde in ‘Vertigo in Her Eyes’ by Lacey for the September 2013 issue of Vogue Japan. Taking on one of the most iconic beauty archetypes in film history, Lacey pays tribute to the past with an artful homage to such infamous works as The Birds, Rear Window, Psycho & Vertigo. A master of manipulation, Hitchcock always looked to exploit the elements of surprise with his hyper-stylized sets designed to serve up the suspense. Following that same filmic formula, (makeup artist) Lisa Houghton captures the paradox that exists between the inner fire of ecstasy and the icy, cool surface of sophistication, with modern color combination made to mask the simmering of sexiness that brews just below the surface. Fashion & fear unfold in this eye-popping editorial that’s brimming with artful undertones of mystery and allure. Tapping into our collective memory, (stylist) Brian Molloy delivers a thrilling sense of anticipation with shots that echoing the dizzying effects you experience when watching the original film.

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