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Hungry for the spotlight Lady Gaga redefines the idea of a starving artist by devouring this cover-quartet, shot by Inez & Vinoodh for V Magazine #85 Fall 2013. Vibrating with a kind of voracious vengeance, the rebellious icon returns from her recent hip-surgery hiatus with an appetite for the exquisitely exotic and a renewed commitment to the creative extreme. Styled by Brandon Maxwell, Gaga jumps off the page in a critically cool mix of custom-couture including a transparent Vinyl-Versace showstopper held together by vintage inspired safety pins. Always on the cutting-edge of high fashion the infamous chameleon continues to keep us guessing by channeling four diverse archetypal characters in honor of her eclectic new album, ArtPop. Daring to go deeper, the star gets intimate on such topics as the origins her rebellious nature and music’s place in modern art, in a series of interviews done by the performance artist, Marina Abramović. Ever evolving and always reaching, it’s clear how Gaga values the connective power of collaboration and how she longs to be more of a vehicle for the vision than a subject to be savored. Seeing herself as a conduit for the creative, she speaks about art as a unifying force and how it can be used to celebrate uniqueness and promote self-love in the process. Mother-Monster to mentor spreading her wisdom, Guru-Gaga is ready to take her talent to the next level.

lady gaga V Magazine Fall 2013

lady gaga V Magazine Cover Fall 2013

lady Gaga V Magazine Cover #2 Fall 2013


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