‘Doves’ by Maurizio Bavutti for CR Fashion Book #3

An exquisite piece of fashion poetry ‘Doves’ soars above the rest by Marizio Bavutti for CR Fashion Book #3. In an industry thick with the contrite clouds of commercialism, Carine Roitfeld has found a way to break free from the artistic apathy and guide us to the fertile ground of high fashion. Flying on the wings of Doves Bavutti gives us a birds eye view of tomorrow, a distant vision of decadent distortion set off by a series of dark, ethereal designs styled by Michaela Dosamantes. Heavenly creatures of haute couture Ondria Hardin, Anna Ewers, Irina Kravchenko & Antony Hegarty play avant-garde angels in other-worldly wears including original halo like head-pieces by Anne Koch. Makeup artist, Kabuki, creates a “celestial vision of beauty” using a masterful mix of artfully applied accessories to give the illusion of an astral transformation. An interpretive experience, with two perfect black stains rolling down the cheek in artful unison, we imagine ourselves merely a reflection of another universe, punctuated by the parallelism poignantly portrayed in the dueling trail of dark tears. Exploring the power of projected reality, the experimental nature of the CR Fashion Books have been a beacon of hope sent out to those of us who have been drowning in a sea of recycled redundancy.  Source (visual optimism).

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