Thairine Garcia in ‘Red Obsession’ by Nicole Heiniger for Trailer Brasil Magazine #1

Ravenous in red, Thairine Garcia burns up the page in ‘Red Obsession’ by Nicole Heiniger for the F/W 2014 issue of Trailer Brasil Magazine #1. Inspired by the work of Guy Bourdin, Heiniger uses the raw energy of Red to celebrate this season’s hot new trends. One of the most diverse colors on the spectrum, from hue to hue, the alternating forces that exist between the subtleties of this shade can take you from deep love to murderous rage with the stroke of a brush. Tenuous tints that evoke everything from anger, energy, vigor and lust (stylist) Renata Corrêa proves this color never fails to excite with a scorching selection from Fall’s fiery designs. Blood-red lips and burgundy-pink eyes, (makeup artist) Daniel Hernandez brings us the face of the future with an exquisite mix of modern makeup that redefines the idea of bold beauty. Blasting on the scene this new publication provides cutting-edge content for a conceptual guide to fashion/beauty/culture.
Thairine-Garcia-by-Nicole-Heiniger-for-Trailer-Brasil-Magazine-1-10Thairine-Garcia-by-Nicole-Heiniger-for-Trailer-Brasil-Magazine-1-7thairine-garcia-by-nicole-heiniger-for-trailer-brasil-magazine-1-1Thairine-Garcia-by-Nicole-Heiniger-for-Trailer-Brasil-Magazine-1-3thairine-garcia-by-nicole-heiniger-for-trailer-brasil-magazine-1-4 (1) Thairine-Garcia-by-Nicole-Heiniger-for-Trailer-Brasil-Magazine-1-4 Thairine-Garcia-by-Nicole-Heiniger-for-Trailer-Brasil-Magazine-1-8 Thairine-Garcia-by-Nicole-Heiniger-for-Trailer-Brasil-Magazine-1-9thairine-garcia-by-nicole-heiniger-for-trailer-brasil-magazine-1-5 (1)