‘True Cinderella’ by Emily Gualdoni for Glassbook Magazine Fall 2013

An enchanting piece of editorial artistry Emily Gualdoni gives us the ‘True Cinderella’ 18th Century Style for Glassbook Magazine #5. A modern day fashion fairytale Gualdoni reinterprets the famous story inspired by one of histories’ most influential forces, Marie Antoinette. Dressed in period style Thanatos Couture by Rachel Goldberg, models Heather Wilson, Meghan Leese, Danny Shuma, Kelsey Adams & Jamie Lee play their parts to perfection, portraying the characters with avant-garde flair. A stunning mix of structure and styleGoldberg creates shapely silhouettes with cinched-up corsets atop an explosion of petticoats playfully peaking out under carefully constructed panniers. Reviving Baroque Beauty (makeup artist) Rachel Frank brings the fantasy of the fashions to the face with masterful makeup complete with ruby-red air-brushed eyes decorated with an assortment of crystal gems and a jewel-encrusted patch to match. Not to be outdone (hairstylist) Liza Espinoza sculpts powdered wigs into towering tresses adorned with an eclectic combination of hair ornaments including birds, braids, flowers and bows. An open celebration of the high art of Haute Couture, this imaginative piece mixes the ethereal innocence of Cinderella with the over-the-top extravagance of Marie Antoinette for results that are nothing less that pure fashion magic.

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