Gwen V in ‘Bold Beauty’ by Laretta Houston for Obvious Magazine Issue #23

Transition time is over, Fall explodes all over the face in ‘Bold Beauty’ by Laretta Houston for The Fashion Issue of Obvious Magazine #23. A season of change, I call this shift in shades the New Color Revolution, and who better to lead the movement than New-Gen model of the moment, Gwen V. Forget the future this is next level makeup made for the now. The state of staying in the lines is over, this is about limitless looks that dare to break barriers and blow minds. Inspired by elements of the avant-garde (makeup artist) Mara Z gets at the heart of dramatic expression with brazen beauty made to make an impact. Hypnotic hues designed to entice, this striking series shows a new vision of hyper-vivid styles that merge cutting-edge innovation with mindful application. Boldly going where no color has gone before, from bright, creamy shadows that bleed straight into the brows to artfully placed neo-graphic lines that create a cool reversal effect – Mara delivers the definitive multi-dimensional modern makeup experience.

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