Vogue Ukraine

Some people are so striking we only need to see one side to get the picture of perfection. Killing it in profile, Jessica Stam captures our attention in ‘Made In USA’ by Chad Pitman for the November 2013 issue of Vogue Ukraine. Wearing a collection of this season’s exciting new styles, Stam is electrifying, in a series of American made architectural designs artfully curated by Olga Yanul. Taking the theme to the extreme, Christian McCulloch follows the fashion, with a myriad of modern makeup looks that range from cool-classic to neo-futuristic. Bathed in angelic light Pitman uses blown-out effects to bring out her ethereal beauty and other-worldly appeal. jessica-stam-by-chad-pitman-for-vogue-ukraine-november-2013-6jessica-stam-by-chad-pitman-for-vogue-ukraine-november-2013-2jessica-stam-by-chad-pitman-for-vogue-ukraine-november-2013-1 jessica-stam-by-chad-pitman-for-vogue-ukraine-november-2013-3 jessica-stam-by-chad-pitman-for-vogue-ukraine-november-2013-4jessica-stam-by-chad-pitman-for-vogue-ukraine-november-2013-5 Jessica-Stam-Vogue-Ukraine-November-2013