Magdalena Frackowiak in ‘Woodcutters’ by Kacper Kasprzyk for Purple Fashion Fall 2013

Magdalena Frackowiak can’t see the forest for the (high fashion) trees in ‘Woodcutters’ by Kacper Kasprzyk for Purple Fashion Fall 2013. Never knowing where a piece will take me, as I come across certain works I am drawn into their power and my passion is ignited. Showing signs of over-exposure, Kasprzyk captures the frenetic effects of a society that thrives on stimulation, yet lacks creative inspiration. A poignant reflection on the pain of disconnection. By examining the artificial lines that tie us together, we can imagine, that with each empty act we contribute to the culture of the contrived. Using Frackowiak’s flesh as a tool of expression. Makeup Artist, Ignacio Alonso, makes a monument of mourning with dirt spread across her body in declaration of the dying of the light. Fighting her fate, she raises her arms in artful protest, crying out against the chaos of collusion that’s causing this existential crisis. Powerful and poetic, this story reminds me why I do what I do. And, that no sacrifice is too great when we are speaking about our own philosophical standing in the world. Using the fabrics of fashion to help us navigate the scenery Naomi Itkes styles and inner-mixing of luxe looks meant to soften the blow.

magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-6magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013 magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-1 magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-2 magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-3magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-4 magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-5 magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-7magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-8 magdalena-frackowiak-by-kacper-kasprzyk-for-purple-fashion-fall-2013-9