‘Nights Out’ by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion Fall/Winter 2013/2014.

Bringing the drama of high fashion to the face (makeup artist) Aaron de Mey creates the ultimate beauty art in ‘Nights Out’ by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion F/W 2013/14. Daringly disjointed, Wenner redefines the idea of cohesive with a captivating series of shots only held together by their sensational quality. Capturing the colors of the night Delphine Danhier turns it up with an array of eclectic styles meant to mimic the high octane world of the after hours club scene. Each image a story within itself, from the goth inspired spray-paint style “face tagging,” to gold-leafed eyes and silver glittered skin, this edgy editorial pushes the limits of the imagination. Experimenting with a variety of visual techniques, De Mey uses a bold mix of makeup and materials to create a kind of other-worldly collage effect. To say these in-your-face looks are extreme would be an understatement, but Constance Jablonski, Julia Nobis, Anais Mali, Juliana Schurig, Anna Ewers, Ondria Hardin & Meghan Collison prove they are also utterly unforgettable.

nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-8 (1)nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-4 (1)nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-9 (1)nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-5nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-11 (1)nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-2 (1)Nights-Out-by-Theo-Wenner-for-Purple-FallWinter-20132014-10nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-3 nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-7 (1)nights-out-by-theo-wenner-for-purple-fashion-no-20-fall-winter-2013-2014-1 (1)Nights-Out-by-Theo-Wenner-for-Purple-FallWinter-20132014-6