Vogue Italia

Viktoriya Sasonkina glitters like Gold in this auric editorial shot by Greg Lotus for the October 2013 issue of Vogue Italia. Gorgeously gilded the statuesque stunner sizzles in a series of gilt covered creations, including a bejeweled corset and crown to match. Laying out the luxury, Lotus creates an atmosphere of splendor, with spectacular images set up to look like scenes straight off a vintage film set. Wearing an exquisite mix of Haute Couture head-pieces, the ultra modern makeup plays the perfect counterpoint keeping the queenly effect on the side of high style. Borrowing from the beauty of Cleopatra, the smoldering shadows shimmer against the skin illuminated by the golden light of the hand-painted body art. Looking like a million bucks Sasonkina reminds us that in the world of fashion understated is always overrated.

viktoriya-sasonkina-by-greg-lotus-for-vogue-italia-october-2013-1 viktoriya-sasonkina-by-greg-lotus-for-vogue-italia-october-2013-4 Vogue-Italia-October-2013-Viktoriya-Sasonkina-Greg-Lotus-46544viktoriya-sasonkina-by-greg-lotus-for-vogue-italia-october-2013-5