Vlada Saulchenkova in ‘Touch Chic’ by Chuando & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore

stefani seymour versace richard avedon

Vlada Saulchenkova takes us back in time in ‘Tough Chic’ by Chaundo & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore October 2013, The Accessories Issue. Channeling Stefanie Seymour circa 1993 (above), Vlada captures a quintessential moment in fashion history, when Super-Models ruled the world and House of Versace was the castle from where they reigned. Inspired by Richard Avedon’s famous Versace campaign, Chaundo & Frey recreate that same sense of dynamic expression with larger than life imagery meant to honor the heyday of high fashion. Known as the era that celebrated the curves of the female form (stylists) Jack Wang and Jumius Wong follow suit with a stunning mix of body-con styles perfect to show off this season’s edgiest accessories. And with a mane unwilling to stay within the frame (hairstylist) Marc Teng pays tribute to the original adds by creating wild waves ready to catch the wind. Always pushing his concepts past the point of constraint Avedon redefined the limits of modern photography with works that rebelled against artistic restraint.

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