Cara Delevingne by Richard Bush for i-D Magazine Cover Shoot Winter 2013

Part queen of hearts part pirate punk circus clown, Cara Delevingne knows how to work a costume in ‘Turn the Lights Off and Let’s Play’ by Richard Bush for i-D Magazine. A timely tribute to the theatrical side of high fashion as Cara prepares to spread her creative wings and conquer the silver screen. Known for her wide range of emotions and undeniable ability to draw people in, I suspect this is one supermodel that will have no problem crossing over. Piled high in steam-punk inspired circus attire, Delevingne turns a demented jester into an avant-garde masterpiece, with a poetic performance that has her depicting the entire range of the dramatic spectrum. Playing her part (Style Editor) Sarah Richardson combines artfully altered costuming with off-kilter accessories, infusing the fashions with Alice in Wonderland flare. And giving us rive-gauche glamour galore, Miranda Joyce captures the couture side of clowns, while Chi Wong goes gaudy with a wonderful array of wild wigs. In an industry that’s all about the projection of perfection, it’s inspiring to see someone with such an eclectic spirit and diverse outlook make it to the top. For more on Cara Delevingne; read i-D’s revealing Cover-Exposé.

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