Caroline Brasch Nielsen in ‘Chrysalide’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro #149 November 2013

Breaking through her caterpillar shell Caroline Brasch Nielsen emerges a fully formed high fashion butterfly, in ‘Chrysalide’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro Magazine #149. Taking us through stages of transition, Kadel mixes the momentum of motion with the penetrating power of still photography, for an innovative visual experience I’m calling, The Hollographic Hybrid. Using the life-cycle of the butterfly as artistic inspiration, Charles Varenne styles a series of cocoon inspired haute-couture, with larvae like structures made to mimic the chamophlagic coating of the pupa’s shell. Recreating the majesty of metamorphosis (Makeup Artist) Kabuki brings the beauty of transition to life, with this exquisite avant-garde interpretation, using metallic-gold makeup to symbolize the satiny colors of the Chrysalis stage. Transforming before out eyes, this journey from caterpillar to butterfly captures the majesty of metamorphosis & celebrates the art of change. For more on this stunning story watch the fashion film Version on Vimeo.

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