Codie Young by Richard Burbridge for i-D Magazine Winter 2013.14

Codie Young shows us sometimes ‘too much of a good thing is superb’ by Richard Burbridge for i-D Magazine Winter 2013.14. Delivering the definite form of high fashion time travel, Burbridge takes us a step past retro-modern with an extreme version of era amalgamation I’m calling, Future Primitive. A concept that combines the raw essence of one time period with an artistic vision of another, this esoteric notion allows unique elements to relate in a less literal way. By taking a more abstract approach we are driven by the philosophy of fashion rather than the specifics of style. Combining multi-textural fabrics & high contrast colors Charlotte Collet redefines the idea of eclectic cohesion, with neo-modern looks that range from vintage inspired patchwork to silver/gold aluminum foil. A walking work of other-worldly art, (Makeup Artist) Peter Philips builds a tour de force of beauty, with brilliant break-through brows dyed to match the lips to perfection. Reminding us that everything old is new again The Collections Issue is a compilation of creative innovation.

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