Daiane Conterato by Adam Whitehead for Wonderland Magazine Winter 2013.14

Adam Whitehead answers my call for a hard-core fashion spread with Daiane Conterato in the Winter 2013.14 issue of Wonderland Magazine. As I travel further down the path of high fashion art it’s difficult to find serious style innovators with the sole intention to break barriers. However, when muted-mustard meets zebra stripes, and all goes well, we have the beginnings of something special. In, ‘I am First Lady by Allident. I was not Elected by the People but Here I am,’ I feel the forward momentum of Grace Cobb’s incongruous styling as she’s dares to mix tones of futurism with underground street. An amalgamation of uniquely eclectic designs, this kind of chaotic cohesion speaks to a future of fashion where anything goes, but still needs to blend. Hitting with just the right high notes each ensemble adds a chord of melodic rhythm to the ultimate symphony of style that is this concert of creativity. And just when we thought we’d seen all that brows could be, (Makeup Artist) Laura Dominique blows our minds with shapes (so outta’ this world cool) I can’t stop looking at them. Add to it a wicked swipe of green, oddly placed on the outer wing of the eye area, and what you have is an inspired vision of modern makeup. And while I know I risk over-selling this story, I just can’t conceal how truly taken I am by the spirit of the piece. This is the definite form of dynamic dressing.

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