Jenny Longworth by Brendan Freeman for Wonderland Magazine

Jenny Longworth (for Revlon) stuns us into submission with this seductive nail story shot by Brendan Freeman for Wonderland Magazine Winter 2013.14. A daring mix of hard and soft, Longworth creates a series of hyper-extended sword like talons elongated just enough to induce a bit of danger, but still feminine enough to inspired sensuality. Shot against the silhouette of the female form, Freeman uses the contrasting shapes of the long, hard nails and the soft, supple skin to create a heightened sense of anticipation. Both enticing and inspiring, this revealing take on the exotic art of nail extension, engages the mind, with a tantalizing series of captures that leave the best part to the imagination. And while the talon trend is nothing new, by “envisioning nails that shapeshift into hyperreality,’ this avant-garde interpretation makes it feel utterly original.

Jenny-Longworth-by-Brendan-Freeman-for-Wonderland jenny-longworth-by-brendan-freeman-for-wonderland-magazine-2 (1)jenny-longworth-by-brendan-freeman-for-wonderland-magazine-8jenny-longworth-by-brendan-freeman-for-wonderland-magazine-1jenny-longworth-by-brendan-freeman-for-wonderland-magazine