Madame Figaro France

Lara Stone lights up the page in this Spécial Beauté cover-story (Part 1) by Nico for Madame Figaro France 25th October 2013. Zooming in Nico captures a series of beauty baring close-ups designed to show off the many sides of Stone. Always delivering a delicious combination of soulful & sweet, what separates this standout star from her contemporaries is her ability to push boundaries and inspire change. While others may fall into a pattern of forced posing this captivating chameleon never plays it safe, always choosing to do editorials that offer an expansive array of expressive roles. From edgy/erotic to pop/pretty, (stylist) Cécile Martin spells it out in black and white, with a cool combination of this season’s daring new leather designs. Celebrating the beauty of fashion diversity Karim Rahman creates an eclectic mix of retro-modern makeup artfully interpreting looks that range from 60’s-Mod to Future-Chic.

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