System Magazine

Lily McMenamy brings the high fashion art of Comme des Garçons to life in this amazing cover-story shot by Juergen Teller for System Magazine #2. Featuring the stunning wears of Rei Kawakubo, Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews the elusive founder of Comme des Garçons, of who’s manifesto is the subject of this illuminating issue. An exquisite mix of erudite-elegance and righteous-indignation, to see the philosophy of such a influential artist spelled out, is like reading the scripture of style written in stone. Her flame of originality ever burning in symbolic effigy, as I read her words I am awestruck by her unwavering passion toward the preservation of innovation. We live in a world where redundant overtures have become a way of life, to bear witness to someone who’s sole purpose is to reject that way of being, is nothing less than inspirational. And leave it to the pioneers at System to capture the designer’s defining moment in the form of post-apocalyptic fashion poetry.

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