Flair Magazine

Pulling us into her vortex Lily McMenamy is a force of nature in this captivating cover-story by Sean and Seng for Flair Magazine #7. Poetry in motion, this is high velocity fashion ready to take flight. Living up to her lineage, Lily delivers a beautifully balletic performance with poses that all blend together to form a unified illusion of movement. Commanding our attention the dynamic beauty of this other-worldly creature is only outweighed by her ability to transform and transfix. Using her magnificent mane as a focal point, Nicolas Jurnjack creates hair that dances in the wind with wild strands that seem to defy the laws of gravity. Lost in the moment, Lily is utterly unfazed by the extreme elements of her surroundings, a perfect metaphor for her life. As her star continues to rise, if she can weather the storm that fame brings, she can be the face of the future. In an industry bursting with beautiful girls, it’s only a precious few who can command the camera in such a way that all we can see is the chemistry that exists between photographer(s) and muse. Artful, evocative, penetrating and pure Sean and Seng’s masterful work is some of the most exciting of the season – Bravo!

Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-02Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-03 Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-04Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-05 Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-07Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-06 Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-08 Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-09Lily-McMenamy-Flair-Sean-Seng-01