Martha Hunt in ‘Solaire’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro #148 November 2013

Bathed in a beautiful blue light Martha Hunt embraces the energy from above in ‘Solaire’ by Txema Yeste for the November 2013 issue of Numéro Magazine #148. Blazing a trail of glory through the clouds on high I follow the sun across the azure sky, and it’s there in the hands of a greater power that I find the strength through my darkest hour. On a journey to capture the creative rapture, Yeste shines a spotlight of truth on all who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. An inspired work of editorial mastery, Franck Benhamou creates a gleaming Goddess of hope, with a stunning selection of body skimming styles that come into shape like a slow moving silhouette. Mixing the sublime essence of mother nature with the existential elements of surrealism (Makeup Artist) Lloyd Simmonds redefines the concept of modern Pop Art. Two times the beauty. By creating an abstract illusion, whereby stenciled lids magically morph into double sided eyes with wings, Simmonds uses symbolic references to reflect our flight to philosophical freedom.

Martha Hunt in 'Solaire' By Txema Yeste For Numéro #148 1 martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013-2martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013-3 martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013-4 (1) martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013-6 martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013-9IMG_6515 martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013-1 (1)martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013-8 Martha Hunt in 'Solaire' By Txema Yeste For Numéro #148 4martha-hunt-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-148-november-2013