Surreal Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald

Choosing to work in only black/white, Noell S. Oszvald’s avoids the chaos of color so that her surreal self portraits can come across with clarity and focus.  With simple titles that include, “Thoughts, Caught & Silence” her intention is to pass the process of interpretation onto the viewer, allowing them to conceptualize the experience in any way they desire. noell osvald-01noell oszvald-5 noell osvald-122noell osvald-1 noell osvald-13 noell osvald-14 noell osvald-10noell osvald-11noell osvald-18noell osvald-16 noell osvald-19noell osvald-122 noell osvald-133 noell osvald-144 noell osvald-155noell osvald-188 noell_osvald