Pamela Bernier in ‘Heroine Chic’ by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Magazine Winter 2014

Take a fantastical trip through your childhood with a collection of fairy-tales turned high fashion stories in ‘Heroine Chic’ by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Magazine (Canada). Using the art of experimental translation Pamela Bernier reinvents the modern heroine, playing such beloved parts as Goldilocks an the Three Bears, Charlotte’s Web, Mary had a Little LambPrincess & the Pea. These tomes hold their own. Some of histories most prolific ideas are held within the walls of children’s tales, where many of literature’s most influential forces have chosen to preserve their precious words. And while this may serve as a brilliant safe haven, it’s behooves us as adult-children to take these writings out and re-familiarize ourselves with their enduring brilliance. Because, whether it’s the mythical creature extolling morals or the parable using the power of prose to send a message of strength, these great fictions/fables get at the heart of who we are. With looks that include a Cinderella inspired dress crafted out of designer embossed paper, Zeina Esmail‘s edgy styles mix with modern beauty by Sabrina Rinaldi/Justin German to form a fusion of fairy-tale magic. When conceptual elements collide in symphonic cohesion, the collaboration is more than the sum of it’s parts, it’s a triumph of creative will.  Retouching illusion by Lorca Moore.

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