Rhianna Porter in ‘Still Velocity’ by Adam Goodison for Volt Magazine A/W 2013.14

Rhianna Porter is a vision of voltaic energy in ‘Still Velocity’ shot by Adam Goodison for the A/W 13.14 issue of Volt Magazine. In the quiet calmness of subdued silence we feel the raw energy of emotion emanating off the page. Tectonic tranquility transformed into free-flowing moments of pure power, it is often in the absence of activity where absolute freedom can be found. In a world where chaos is King and the speed at which you absorb excess information is suppose to say something about you, Goodison redefines the idea of powerful. Capturing the poetry of non motion, he reminds us that “still waters run deep” and sometimes it’s those who are making the least amount of noise that are affecting the greatest amount of change. Movement is a state of mind, how much something inspires us is a real measure of power. By harnessing her inner-strength Porter generates an amazing amount of energy without moving a muscle. A triumph of modern styling, Nickque Patterson projects the future of fashion with a stunning mix of sci-fi styles surrounded by a current of colorful effects. As we examine these electric poses we forget that we are looking at still photography and are just swept up in the visual stimulation of Goodison’s artistic force-field. Radiating with reflective makeup by Julia Wilson and a shade shifting dome-dew by Sarah Jo Palmer this statuesque stunner is the epitome of anti-static beauty.

Volt 14Still Velocity-1 Volt-14_Adam-Goodison_Still-Velocity-8volt magazine still velocity by adam goodinsonVolt-14_Adam-Goodison_Still-Velocity-1 Volt 14_Still Velocity-7 Volt Magazine 'Still Velocity' by Adam Goodison3Volt-14_Adam-Goodison_Still-Velocity-4