Toni Garrn in ‘Wunderkammer’ By Txema Yeste For Numéro China #34 November 2013

Today I wept for all who will miss out on the exquisite experience of Toni Garrn in Txema Yeste’s theater of high fashion ‘Wunderkammer’ for Numéro China #34. Lost in the chamber of wonder Garrn delivers one of the defining performances of her career, proving she is no mere model, she is a modern muse. As I let my eyes peruse each picture I feel my chest swell with a familiar kind of ache. A tenuous tension that overtakes me when I am witness to art that is so overwhelmingly beautiful I simply lose my capacity to take in air. From the term Cabinet of Curiosity, Yeste gives us a historic view of haute couture, by creating a microcosm of that world through a succession of disparate rooms designed to inspire deep thought. Through the purposeful juxtaposition of unrelated objects (Fashion Director) Cristina Ramos uses bursts of avant-garde expression to create a series of conceptual worlds that inspires us to draw parallels to our own patterns of existence. Epic in scale intimate in scope by using the intertwining elements of the surroundings Tim Lim builds fantasy driven design ensembles, topped with haute-head gear by Olivier Lebrun and creative makeup by Violette. A tribute to excellence, this triumphant series stands as a testament to the times and the penetrating power of one man’s vision. One of the most complete and compelling works of modern art, Yeste uses his poetic perception to provide and poignant portrayal of the human condition.