Vania Bileva in ‘Panic at the Garden’ by Georgi Andinov for 12magazine

Georgi Andinov gives us high concept fashion art in ‘Panic at the Garden’ starring Bulgarian beauty Vania Bileva for the current issue of 12Magazine. Combining this season’s fascination with all things rebellious, this multi-thematic Punk Floral series uses contrasting elements of style to form a cohesive vision of modern art. Abstract meets avant-garde in this Pop inspired editorial that has the candy colored perennials melting against Bileva’s smoldering beauty. Turning up the heat, Alina Manova’s exotic makeup mixed with Joro Petkov’s luscious locks gives this sizzling story a seductive twist. Naughty with a wink, (stylist) Vasil Bozhilov gives us anything but garden variety fashions, with a series of revealing looks creatively covered by fortuitously placed flowers. Playing with the jagged side of juxtaposition Andinov uses layered cut-outs to create the illusion of worlds colliding, reminding us that sometimes it’s the craziest combinations that can elicit the coolest results.

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