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Carefully avoiding the comeback cliché, Winona Ryder delivers a delightfully inspired cover-story in ‘You Don’t Even Know Winona’ by Mario Testino for V Magazine #86 F/W 2013.14. Enjoying a moment of relief from a past that seemed to keep her stuck in a series of second rate roles, Ryder appears to be on the path to serious industry redemption, in her current project, Homeland. And while I’m always skeptical of the media machine that generates so many of these tragedy to triumph stories, it’s nice to see her hitting it hard with a character she can really sink her teeth into. Capitalizing on the creative side of the character (Stylist) Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele redefines the idea of motorcycle-chic, with an edgy array of mod-metal looks accentuated by a powerful mix of Patton leather. Daring & dark, set against the shadowy silhouettes of the artfully displayed backdrop, Ryder pops off the page with semi-sonic smokey eyes, so intense, they need their own story. Done by the incomparable Tom Pecheux, this retro-modern take on the 60’s scene shows that, in the right hands, makeup can truly transform. By bringing her own features to life, Pecheux uses his remarkable skills to give us a completely new take on this captivating creature. In a world where you are only as hot as the latest social media outbreak, it’s refreshing to be reminded of a time when it was pure talent that took you to the top. And if this edgy editorial is any indication of where this long standing thespian is heading, it’s clear her time on the silver screen has only just begun. For more; read Patrik Sandberg’s illuminating and in-depth interview with this uniquely enigmatic figure.

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