Dazed & Confused

Carey Mulligan evokes an exquisite mix of artistry and angst in this captivating cover-story shot by Rankin for the Modern Myths issue of Dazed & Confused. Inviting us to explore a new age of rebellion, this preview entices with modern provocateurs that use the power of prose to make their point. Inspired by the Coen Brothers’ Folk Story film, Inside Llewyn Davisthis series sets out to reveal what I have long known – that the future of pop-culture art lies not just in the visual experience but in the written/spoken word. From the literary musings of Tao Lin & Ben Brooks to the lyrical poetry of Snoop Dogg, this issue shines a spotlight on those cutting-edge creators who are working to, “change and challenge the narrative form.” Freeing us from the confining nature of contrived imagery, the narrative art form provides the key to our conceptual world. Resisting the culture of “Reality” this intimate approach to photography is all about an unspoken invitation to a shared experience. It is through the integration of emotional and intellectual artistry that we enjoy the ultimate creative connection. Continuing his tireless effort to raise the standards of pop-culture, Rankin’s poignant fashion film, ‘Wild at Heart’ sends us into the New Year with a profound sense of hope for the future of fashion and beyond. For more on this upcoming inspiring issue read Tim Noakes compelling profile.

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