Drake Burnette in ‘Neo-Expressiv’ by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Germany January 2014

Drake Burnette takes us into the abstract unknown in ‘Neo Expressiv’ by Sebastian Kim for the January 2014 issue of Vogue Germany. Breaking free from the banal, this wild mix of high fashion & modern art satiates our craving for the creative extreme. Derived from a technique that taps into emotional intensity, this style is about capturing the internal spirit in an external way. A physical manifestation of the psychological mind, these abstract works are an explicit outpouring of uncensored energy. Inspired by such masters as Jackson Pollack and Wassily Kandinsky this editorial installation sets up a series of rooms where the spontaneous eruption of creativity touches every surface. Not content to confine themselves to canvas, this colorful collaboration is the aesthetic extension of an abstract expression. In designs that pop, Drake becomes (quite literally) part of the fashion art, wearing an explosion of surreal-styles artfully arranged by Katie Mossman. And with interpretive beauty that includes a caviar-covered face by (Makeup Artist) Maud Laeceppe and painted dews by (Hairstylist) Teddy Charles, each image is ensured to have an avant-garde edge.

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