Kate Moss & John Galliano in ‘Fantasia’ by Tim Walker for Vogue UK December 2013

Friends ’til the end, Kate Moss & John Galliano enter into the dance ‘Fantasia’ by Tim Walker for Vogue UK December 2013. To read the preparation that went into this shoot is to get a master class in high art of music, film, fashion & dance. Inspired by The Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, with the esteemed help of (Stylist) Kate Phelan, Galliano sets out to bring the beauty of the Russian Ballet to life. Playing the role of, Olga Khokhlova, Moss morphs before our eyes wearing dramatic red lips by Sam Bryant and a darkened chignon by Sam McKnight. A celebration of creativity and collaboration. While the success of this story relies on artistic synergy, it is the intimate choreography that plays out between the master and his muse that makes this piece such a standout. To get at the heart of what inspires someone to create is to see inside the soul of an artist. So while memory is long, I do applaud Galliano for opening up in this way. After such an extended apology tour the only truth left to offer is his work.


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