Katlin Aas in ‘Aura’ by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #149 December/January 13.14

Touching on the intangible elegance of supernatural style Katlin Aas is transluscent in ‘Aura’ by Sebastian Kim for Numéro issue #149. Ushering in a new era of modern minimalism Kim captures the essence of futurism with images that give off invisible emanations of ethereal ambiance. With his masterful blend of illusory light and creative effects, his ability to turn a simple set into some kind of other-worldly scene speaks to his unmatched eye for artistic excellence. Making a dramatic entrance (Fashion Editor) Charles Varenne selects a number of stand-out designs, with the shining star being an asymmetrical one-shouldered winged dress by Ralph Lauren. And with fresh-faced makeup by Yumi Mori and a slicked-back dew by Diego, the geometric effect of the lines in the hair give the overall look a futuristic edge.

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